Love Affair with Life


Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls, Smoky Mountains we visited this June

Responsible adults often seem to have lost their love affair with life. In the cult of busyness there is no time for things that aren’t productive.

Like going on a nature walk. Singing with all your heart. Having a deep conversation with a friend for hours. Seeing the beauty in a sunset. Savoring a ripe strawberry.

But, aren’t these things what makes life more joyful and fulfilling? It’s not how many emails we can churn out, how clean the house is or whether we pulled an all nighter so the project could be done by the unrealistic deadline.

It’s being aware of the beauty around us and the people we live our lives with. Living life with purpose and meaning instead of finishing a to do list. Really tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing and touching the present moment. Not waiting for some future goal to be achieved.

What can make you fall more in love with your life today?


  • Stopping to play with my kitties when they are trying terribly to catch my attention and I walk on by oblivious.
    I am trying to catch myself and stop to visit.

  • Mechelle says:

    Buying a basketball and shooting some hoops at my new apartment complex..

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