Magazine Suggestions


I have a secret addiction. I love magazines. And having magazine fund raisers for my daughter’s school didn’t help. 

I usually tear articles out and put them into my in-box to sort at paper time. I have various binders I put articles in by categories.I have plastic sleeves so it’s easy to put the articles in. Other times I put suggestions and ideas right into my to do list.

As I was sorting papers last night I found an article with lots of good ideas. I wanted to do all of them. But, as I got out my to do list I knew I already had enough to do. I sat on my bed and x’d out all the suggestions  in the magazine one by one. I will not be buying a better product, redoing my whole look or using the new cleaning methods I won’t remember to do any way.

And afterwards I felt free and light. I have a feeling I am going to be reading many less magazines this year.

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