Make It Easier to Do Your Tasks

In our time class yesterday one of the things we talked about was checking in with the bigger picture when you do your work.

Often we procrastinate, get off task or start something new because we haven’t set ourselves up for the work.

In order to get motivated, it helps to think of why you are doing this task. When we come to a task as this is something I should do or I have no choice in doing, it saps our motivation.

When you "have to" do dishes, they may spend the night in the sink. But, what if before you started you thought of the bright, sparkly kitchen? Or clean bowls for breakfast? Or not having to clean stuck on dishes? We don’t clean because we have to. We clean because of what we want the house to feel like.

How about a task your boss gives you that you really don’t want to do. How will that task help the company? Or what character traits can you enhance in yourself by doing the work? Who are you helping with this task?

When you are pulling weeds, what are you really doing? Making a place beautiful or making room for fresh vegetables to grow.


If you are stuck in the "I don’t wannas" today, look to the big picture, see your choice, and find the purpose.


Photo by Clownfish