Make Memories Now


After my son died, I was thinking of some of the things we had wanted to do together but had never gotten around to. Like bike to Lake Michigan, get out the kayak and go to Washington D.C. I was also happy thinking of all the things we did get to do like camping, riding the go-cart, family trips, shooting off rockets, etc. We have an abundance of good family memories. And one-on-one memories. He was my tennis partner, film festival buddy and would go to the beach anytime even if no one else wanted to.


My silly kids on a winter hike

So as you look to the summer (or next season my southern hemisphere readers), what kinds of memories do you want to create?

Make these a priority.

Don’t wait.


  • As always, Beth, thanks for the reminder to live intentionally.

  • Chlo√© says:

    I can’t agree more, unfortunately I also had a bad event remind of this recently. The memories I cherish the most are often the small, everyday moments, like how my boyfriend have been making the same running joke for 10 years (and I never get tired of it!), or how my mom used to kiss my booboo and call it her “medicine from her heart”, or the softness of my grandmother’s skin when I kissed her. Those moments are so easily lost in the everyday craziness that you really have to pay attention and make a conscious effort to remember them. Thanks for reminding me of this.

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