Make Your Environment Work for You


(This is taken from the free New Habit Course )

It’s easier to change your environment, than it is to use willpower to push your way to a new habit. I’m all for easier!

So, how can you use your environment? One helpful idea is to use an anchor – attaching your habit to something you are already doing. If you always eat cereal for breakfast, put your vitamins next to your bowls. If you want to do daily inspirational reading, put a book on your desk so you see it before you turn on your computer. Deep breathing, positive thinking and praying can all be attached to the ringing of the telephone.

You can add your habit to an already established routine. Visualize while taking a shower. Sort paperwork right after you check your e-mail.

Place reminders around the house or office. Put post-its on the mirror reminding you to floss. Write a note on your bulletin board to run disk defrag on your computer. Set up reminders in Outlook that come up as alarms. One friend set up a yahoo group just so she could send herself reminders.

Is there anything you could add or remove in your environment to help you, like exercise equipment in view, bathroom cleaner in the bathroom cabinet or junk food put in a top cabinet?

Today’s Action Plan

A. Name 5 environmental changes you want to make to help you with your new habit.






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