Makeup Clutter

I started wearing makeup in 7th grade, putting it on in the bus on the way to school. I wasn’t supposed to wear it until high school.  But, I always had a draw to cosmetics. I loved playing with different colors and looks.

My daughter, a no-makeup person, says I look fine and don’t need to put on makeup. But, I don’t really use it to look better. It’s almost like a creative outlet for me.

When I got my lasik eye surgery, my eye doctor suggested I throw out my old eye makeup so there is less of a chance of infection. I knew some of my colors I bought 10 years ago, so I thought it would be a good idea. My eye makeup area of my clear plastic cosmetic holder was overflowing. I wrote down the colors I wanted for my new eye shadow and went to the store.

All eye shadows were buy one, get one free. I could replace them all at once.

I managed to replace that whole pile of eye shadow with 6 pallets of eye shadow. The space looks so clear and I can see the shadow I want really quickly.

It got me thinking that I have a tendency to go "Ooo, look at that pretty color," and buy it. I had a bunch of different shades of the same color.

That excess is clutter. So from now on, I will only buy makeup if I need something. Not when I am browsing the makeup aisle. In fact, I am going to have to nix going down that aisle at all.