Making it to church

February seems to be the hardest month to motivate yourself to get up early on a Sunday morning and go to church. Around here it’s been cold, snowy and cloudy. “We don’t have to go,” I reason. or “One week won’t matter.” But, we all know that one week leads to two which leads to coming only on Easter and Christmas.

And the truth is once I get there and listen to an inspiring sermon, talk with my friends, meet someone new, sing, and connect I know getting out of bed is worth it.

The main way I motivate myself to get up on cold, snowy mornings is to teach Sunday School. I don’t want to let down those little first graders. And I really enjoy teaching the little ones about love, grace, and how to treat others. has an essay on how he motivated himself to attend church every week for a year.
If don’t care to go to church, you can ignore this post. If you are interested in learning how to motivate yourself to attend church you can read about it here:

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