Making People a Priority


Question #10 asked you, "What Relationships Do You Want to Nurture?"

Now how do you fit relationships in an already packed day? The first thing to do is realize they are more important. It’s more important to talk with a friend who is going through a hard time than to do the laundry. Of course there is no reason you can’t fold laundry as you talk on the phone. I remember growing up moms often went to other mom’s houses to help with canning or setting up for a garage sale or help put on a birthday party. Now we don’t ask for help as much. We think other people are too busy to help or don’t want to help. Or we don’t want people to see the messy house and the before party anxiety. But this is the kind of thing that make real relationships.

Involve your friends in your life and you in their lives. Bake together. Or take walks together. Christmas shop together. Help each other declutter. Create a writing group, weight loss group, book club or another group that helps you with your goals. Think of your to do list. Now what would be more fun with a friend?

To keep in regular contact, it helps to have a weekly or monthly set day that you get together. Maybe a Tuesday night phone call or Skype chat.

You can have a list of people you want to keep in contact with that you can go over during your monthly planning. You can decide who you want to call, write, get together with in the next few weeks.

Who haven’t you talked to lately? What if you quit reading blogs for a minute and made a quick call or email instead?

Enjoy connecting!


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