Making Saving Fun


Temptation to spend can be countered by making saving as much fun as spending research shows, writes Tim Hartford in Parade Magazine.

To do that, if you imagine a future purchase, that’s almost as good as buying it. So instead of saving for "just in case", it’s more helpful to think of saving for something specific like a car, a vacation, etc.

We usually have money go directly from checking to savings on my husband’s paycheck days.  But since he doesn’t have a paycheck and my income is sporadic we may have to try another idea they mentioned. Periodically sending a text message or email message reminding yourself to save some of the paycheck.

You can also make a game of seeing how much less you can spend on groceries this month compared to last. And how much longer you can go without having to fill up on gas. Or play with new homemade recipes.

Savings doesn’t have to be drudgery.

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