Making Time to Bring What You Bring

In the Moving Towards Simplicity Questions, I asked, "What do you bring to others."

Your answer will show where you are going to want to put more of your resources, your time and your creativity in order to have a more fulfilling life. The answer leads you to one of your purposes. (I don’t believe there is only one purpose for everyone. Most of us bring more than one thing to the world.)

The easiest way to gain that time and energy, is to limit your technology.

Instead of watching one TV show you could mentor a student, give to the homeless, write, paint, or listen to a friend.

Rather than check facebook and email every other minute, you can send an encouraging note, read one chapter in something you want to learn, or pray.

Decide how much technology works best for you. Then set limits on things like:

  • when you check email
  • how often you check facebook
  • how many blogs you read a day
  • how much TV you watch
  • how many minutes you are willing to give to internet/facebook games
  • how often you check your phone
  • How long you want to spend on a game console

We all need downtime, but sometimes a more active downtime like a walk or using your creativity leads to a happier you.

Much of what you give to people is your presence. Your certain energy. And if you are scattered and frazzled, your presence is hidden under anxiety and rush.

If this describes you, you may want to release some to do’s you think you need.

You can simplify to become more you and give what you bring to the world.