Manage To Do’s with Swift To Do List

Swift To Do ListI love to play around with to do list software. But many are either too complicated or too simple. I have been using Swift To Do List for the past month and it’s actually working for me.

You can put to do’s and memos/notes into the software.

A typical day for me

I click on the Swift To Do list icon which I have coming up automatically when I turn on my computer.

I go to my daily planning memo. In it is a checklist of my daily planning like clear desk, review goals, check calendar. When I’m done planning, it’s time to start my day.

I look at the View – all to do lists and filter for today.

I go to my top priority according to priorities I have set for the todos and work on that one.

After getting the first couple priorities done I look at my daily tasks – check voicemail, check email, one self promotion item,  etc. And work through these. I have them set as recurring items so I don’t have to add them to the list every day.

When I go through email, if a to do comes up instead of just starring the email and forgetting about it, I copy and paste the subject line and add notes if needed to a task in Swift To Do List.

Swift has the ability to have multiple to do list and sublists. So I have lists for MySimplerLife plus sublists of blog, weekly tips, and various projects I am working on. I have a client list. My personal list is subcategorized with relationships, exercise, fun and planning (which has my weekly review and monthly planning memos). My final to do list is Home with sublists of kids, finance, food, and errands.

I can view just one list, or one list and sublists or all the lists. So during work time, I can look at just MySimplerLife instead of everything I need to do that day. Hiding tasks is a great way to stop overwhelm.

Some days with lots of tasks, I open up my today memo and put just 3 tasks into the note at a time. My Today memo is also where I put to dos on the fly or reminders to follow up. Then during my planning time, I can copy and paste these into actual tasks.

Each Task can be added by clicking the plus icon. There are places to add the task name, priority, due date, type (ie project, small task – you can customize), context (ie home, computer, phone – also customizable). You are able to set reminders. Add notes that are like Word documents. Attach files. And add as a recurring task (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

I do things simply and only prioritize the very top, important items. Only things with a specific due date has a due date. I rarely use type or context since I work at home and most things can be done any time, any where. I love the notes area. I can copy and paste an entire email so I won’t have to search for it. And I have recurring items for work and home.

If I delegate a task, I put a task into Swift to follow up in however many days I need. This keeps things from falling through the cracks. You can also email tasks from Swift.

I have fun with the to do list icons – over 144 to choose from.

What I love most about Swift is the flexibility. I don’t have to use it a certain way. And I love you can drag and drop all over the program so it’s easy to change tasks around. You can edit or add multiple tasks at once.

Because it is software, it is quicker than the online to do lists which I found to be too slow. I want to be able to quick add a task, not have to wait for internet lag. If you want portability you can put this on a thumb drive and take it with you. You can also print out in a multitude of different ways. If you want online, they do have an online version:

I archive my tasks weekly. It’s great to see how much I have accomplished during the week. I can recover these tasks any time I want.

This is a Windows only software, sorry Mac users!

I am really excited to find a software that is easy, fun to use, and flexible.

You can get a 30 day free trial if you are interested:


Full Disclosure – I contacted them after using a trial version about reviewing it and they sent me a full version. This is Not an affiliate link.