Mask of Perfection

Many people come to me so they can get more done. But, that’s not really what I do. I help people discover what they don’t need to do or can do with less perfectionism that allows them to do what is important to them.

But, that only works if you are willing to let go of the mask of perfection. If you allow others to see some flaws or dust. Holding onto to the mask takes tons of energy. The mask  doesn’t even protect the ego as intended because the ego always finds something to not be happy about. Being as we are human and aren’t perfect it’s a waste of time as well.

Think about the less time you pushed past limits in order to get something done perfectly or squeeze one more obligation in? How did you feel after doing it? How would you rather feel on a daily basis?

We often say we have to do things perfectly because our spouse, friend, boss expects it. But, more often I find it’s us who expect it. We put the pressure on ourselves.

Where can you let go of some of your mask today?