Materialism Starts Early


I was at a toy store looking for gifts for my niece’s birthday. I started to get appalled by how they are programming the kids to buy from an early age. There were tons of “shopping” kits. One product group is called “Shopkins” for pre-schoolers.

I grew up with a toolkit that was just play tools. Now the toolkit has Home Depot plastered over it. When the kids grow up they are already going to have good feelings about Home Depot and will be more likely to buy there.

The food in the pretend grocery cart now has brand names like Old El Paso.

So many toys were in collections so you have to keep buying more to complete your set. Especially the doll and car categories.

Disney and Nickelodeon have full sections in the stores. So not only do you have outrageous commercials on TV you have things to buy at the toy store too.

A kid was whining that he reaaaaaalllllyyyy wanted something but Dad stood firm as he screamed out the store.

If you have youngsters you are buying for be aware at what the toy may be selling.



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