Missing Moments

The past three weeks have been fuller than usual with some special projects and vacation coming up. I was on edge more than I like to be. OK at some points I was down right cranky. So was my husband. So were my kids. 

But, I found what got us through was finding moments. Like laughing hysterically at something absurb. The kids and I singing songs really loudly in the car going from place to place. Grounding myself in a prayer every few hours. Enjoying chocolate marshmallow eggs. Finding wild turkeys in our back yard while washing dishes.


A walk and talk with a friend. Seeing a groundhog on a hike with my husband. Getting lost in a book in the evening.

I get excited by a small blue flower I run across or the scent of an orange. When I see bliss type moments I stop what I am doing to enjoy.

But, I could have easily missed all these moments. I could have stayed stressed by thinking about all my to do’s during those times. And sometimes I started that way, but quickly came back to the present.

I’m sure there are also moments I did miss by not stopping to notice or listen or slow down.

Are you missing any moments in your life?