Moments of less stress


Many people think you need to have tons of time to take care of yourself and destress. But, moments that change your state and loosen you up can help create a more serene you.

~ I like to massage my head an extra 30 seconds in the shower feeling really present.

~ Or taking a little break to read a magazine article.

~ If I am driving alone – looking at the sights around me or singing to the music. With family, getting a chance to talk.

~ Smelling, looking and tasting my food.

~ Doing a few yoga stretches after I have been at my desk awhile.

~ Playing with a crossword puzzle while waiting for the water to boil.

~ Doodling while talking on the phone.

~ Picturing myself at the beach or in the mountains while waiting for the doctor.

What are some quick de-stressors you use?

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