Upgrade Your Money Skills

It hasn’t been a smooth road for us financially. Pretty broke when we first got married. Taking a couple menial jobs after college. Me as a stay at home mom for awhile where money was always tight. A few years of me working outside the home where we spent more than ever because we finally had money. Until I was let go and spent a year unemployed.

Since I’ve been self-employed, we had to replace all our big appliances in a single year – where we ended up with quite a bit of credit card debt. My husband was unemployed for 6 months and we have been working with his pay being sliced by a 1/3 5 years ago.

I came from a frugal family who always knew where the money was. So the way we get through the tough financial times was to always know where our money was. Sometimes we had to juggle different payments to get it to work but we were able to do that because we knew what was due when and when finances charges would accrue 🙂

So I am really excited to share this money class with you. I know many people struggle with living paycheck to paycheck and overspending just because they don’t know how much they have to spend.

I’ve been working on the workbook which will really help step-by-step things. Numbers bore me to tears so I wanted to make this as easy as possible for people. I love how this can be relatable to people that really think they aren’t good with money.

We can all be good with money, we just need to upgrade our skills.



Attention: Overwhelmed individuals whose financial lives seem out of control

Ask yourself: do you want be paralyzed with worry because you don’t know if you’ll have enough money to pay your bills?

Do you know where all your bills are?

Is your current money system scattered and not working?

Or worse, do you have no money system except hope?

We all want more financial security, but how do you do it?

Let me help you simplify your money systems: