I love mornings. I always have. The stillness. The hope and optimism. Most days I begin my day with some quiet time: prayer, journaling, Bible and inspirational reading. Then I do about 30 minutes of exercise. I like to lift weights while reading e-mails that are in my read/review box or magazine articles I have torn out and filed. Sometimes I walk and listen to my mp3 player. Some days I listen to music and other days self-development. About twice a week I combine my quiet time and exercise for a longer workout. I can do a prayer/praise walk, a long yoga session or a combination.

Between quiet time and exercise I usually spend time with my husband as he is just getting home from work and about ready for bed.

After exercise, I awaken the kids if they have school or activities and head into the shower. I like to visualize my day in the shower. And just enjoy the water.

By this time I am starving. I eat my fruit and cereal, smoothie or peanut butter toast and banana. Usually while checking e-mail, except if the kids are down eating.

I get about half of my daily chores done in the morning. When the kids are off of school, they help me. I like the house looking decent in case anyone pops over. When they are in school, chores are punctuated with , “Where’ this” and “Can I invite so and so over after school?”

Then about 9:00 I start doing my coaching work, stopping every couple of hours to put a load of laundry in or another chore, do something with the kids or relax a bit.

When I was working outside the house my routine was similar in the morning. I just had to wake up a little bit earlier.

On days when I can’t ease into my day, I get so frazzled and feel uncentered. I feel like I am racing, but unsure where the finish line is.