Moving things out of prime space


I’ve been in the mood to create more space around me this month. One of the ways to do this, is by moving things out of prime space.

Binders that I have been using less then once a month were put into the basement. An empty space in my office is delightful. A box from my office closet also ended up in the basement. I put things on higher shelves in the medicine cabinet. Seasoning packets that were on my counters were put in the cabinet. Other things on my kitchen counters were decluttered. Some things that were on my desk have been moved to create more work space.

How can you do this?

Notice what is on your prime space – kitchen counters, your desk, your bathroom sink. Are these things you actually use every day? If not, they can be moved into other space.

For things you use weekly, they can go in spaces like drawers, desk cubbies, closets and lower cabinets.

Monthlies can go to higher cabinets or lower drawers. And in certain less accessible closet space.

If you use them less than once a month, consider decluttering them. They can also go into storage in the attic, basement, crawl space or certain closets.

I keep my double boiler and waffle maker in the kitchen overflow box in the basement.

In order to create a smooth flow during your day, things you need less often are best serving you out of the way.

Keep an eye out on your daily flow today? What can you move out of prime space?



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