Moving Towards Something You Want

In one of the Moving Towards Simplicity Questions, I asked What Do You Want? Life feels more fulfilling and alive when you are moving towards something you want. It doesn’t have to be big or bold. It can be something little and satisfying.

Maybe you say where you really want to go to eat when your spouse asks. Maybe there is a course you want, so you find a way to save or earn more to get it. Maybe there is a place you want to visit, so you plan a little at a time until you make it. Perhaps you want to give yourself 30 minutes to read a book.

What do you want for today?

What do you want this week?

What do you want to make happen in the near future?

Now put a small action on your to do list to bring you closer to what you want. A to do list only filled with duties feels more drudgery than fulfilling.

When you finish that small action, put the next small action on your list.

Have something to look forward to doing every day, so you can get out of bed with joy instead of dread.

It starts today.