Mummy, Look at Me!


"Mummy, look at me!" "Mummy, look at me!"

I was swimming at a pool in Charlotte after having a wonderful weekend with Marcia and two other moms I met. There was only a little girl of about 4 or 5 and her mom with me.

The English mum was playing on her phone in a chair while her daughter swam. And chanted, "Mummy, look at me!" every other minute. Mummy didn’t glance up, only made an affirmative noise while nodding. "Watch, Mummy. Watch!" 

I remember this time and it seemed like the kids drain your energy and always want you. But, when you spend all your time trying to run from the attention, the kids chase harder.

I can see Mummy playing in the pool with the child for part of the time. Then letting the girl play in the pool without her for a little bit. She probably would hear, "Mummy, look at me!" less often.

Technology is sneaking. You don’t even realize when it starts taking over. Especially if you are trying to anesthetize yourself from the overwhelming attention it seems your kids need.

I was talking to a mother who noticed when she left her laptop open, a quick check at email might turn into a much longer tech session. Now she keeps her laptop closed during the day, so she can spend that time with her kids.

We have to be aware because it can become an addiction. We get a little adrenal rush every time we get a new email or text message. So, we have to be conscious about our tech use.

Last week, I noticed I was checking facebook and my email in between almost every task. This is unusual for me, so I checked in with myself. Turns out I was nervous about my trip and the checking kept my mind busy so I wouldn’t feel. Not the healthiest way to live.

Look at when you reach out for technology this week. Could you be using it to anesthetize yourself from something? Or to get that adrenaline rush? Or maybe it’s become an unconscious habit?



Photo by Andrew Eick




  • Tammy says:

    Oh, your speaking to my heart! Thanks for the reminder, I have been spending so much time on the computer lately. With a lot on my mind recently I suppose I am trying to escape. Love your quick tips, once again you have encouraged me to take a second look. Turning off the computer now. Have a wonderful day.

  • It is definately a good idea to take stock of what is important to you. The kids grow up so quickly and you can’t have this time back ever again, so it is so important to embrace every moment.

    Thanks for your gentle reminder

  • Betty ward says:

    This is happening to me…I check my email several times a day…so easy on IPad. It is so addictive. Thanks for reminder of how much time I waste doing this and feeling I need to reply at once when it’s not important.

  • Beth says:

    It’s so easy to fall into that, isn’t it! We don’t even notice. But, we are noticing now. Hope you have set the tech limits now.

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