Mundane or Meaning?


We spend most of our time in the mundane, taking care of home, work, self and relationships. It can be easy to fall into thinking your life is boring or unfulfilling if you only see the dailyness. “Ugh, another morning – can’t I just sleep in?” “Do I have to cook another meal?” “I want to hit my head against my desk instead of doing another report.”

But, we are in charge of putting meaning and fulfillment into our lives and our daily tasks. When we do that our lives feel fresher, we see things from other perspectives, and we are more full of joy and love. Here are some ways to add meaning to the mundane:

  • In the morning you can take spiritual time to connect with what is important and intend how you want to feel, give, thank and do. No time? Do it in the shower or while brushing your teeth. Be deliberate with what you put into your day. Remember it’s your day. Say no more often to obligations and shoulds that create resentment. Curate the media you allow in. You are the gatekeeper. You may have current things you already said yes to so see how you can do those with acceptance.
  • Pray or send love before answering the phone, entering a meeting or talking to someone.
  • Create a beautiful space to do mundane tasks. Put birdfeeders outside your window where you wash dishes. Light a candle and play music as you do bills. Use colored pens. Clear your desk every evening. Have flowers. Use lovely notebooks. Find tissue boxes that make you feel good.  Have fun file folders.
  • Actually enjoy nature –  the feel of the dirt and the vibrancy of the plants as you garden. Feel thankful for the beauty and abundance.
  • Put down the electronics and focus on someone deeply as you talk to one another. Ask deeper questions. Connect more with the people in your life.
  • Add love energy to your food as you are cooking. Thank the workers that made that food possible. Give gratitude for the food you have.
  • Write words like love, peace or patience on your water glass for the day in wipe off marker. Then notice that intention every time you drink.
  • Pause 1-5 breaths between tasks. Before moving onto the next one connect with why you are doing the action, set the intention for the feeling you want to have as you do it and/or the character trait you want to embody. (See Your To Be List.)
  • Change your thoughts about your tasks to ones that give you more energy and meaning.
  • Create a downtime ritual for every day. Maybe tea time with a gorgeous tea set. Yoga before bed after clearing the space with sage. A prayer walk after dinner. A deep breathing session which includes aromatherapy after work. Meditating in the same corner each evening.

It doesn’t take much time to create more fulfillment and meaning in our daily lives, but it requires presence, intention and imagination.

What is one thing you can do to add meaning to the mundane today?


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