Mushroom Soup


My daughter and I were at the Farmer’s Market and found some lovely looking mushroom noodle soup at the homemade pasta place. We thought it would be nice to have it ready for lunch so we put it in the crockpot. The smell of that soup was so enticing.

At lunch time we had our bowls and couldn’t wait to dig in. As I scooped it into the bowls I noticed that the fresh pasta was now a gooey-bread batter consistency. We tried it anyway. The noodles were gaggable and I didn’t like the spices at all. My daughter wasn’t impressed either.

This is not our first kitchen idea that didn’t work out, but we are always trying new things anyway.

We do the same thing at restaurants. We always order something new and if it’s something we haven’t tried before that’s even better. (Except at Subway. She gets tuna and I get sweet onion teriyaki chicken. But we tried a lot before we found our favorites.)

Our job is not to go through life making no mistakes. If we are to live a full, alive life then it’s a guarantee we will make mistakes. We want to be experiencing and learning on this earth.

If we only did what we were completely good at we would never try new things. We would be doing the same thing day after day in fear of screwing up and maybe looking badly.

Where are you afraid of making a mistake? What is something you’d like to try if you wouldn’t feel foolish? How can you expand this life of yours?



Pix from Cook Diary which has some delicious looking soup:



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