My Morning Routine


Our habits and routines help create our lives. If I want something in my life, then I like to make a routine or add a habit to my schedule. Sometimes replacing something else that doesn’t fit my goals or life at the moment. My morning routine is evolving and usually it is changed once a season. I love to read about other people’s morning routine. My morning routine today looks like this:

  • 6:30 Wake up, thinking of something I am looking forward to today
  • Brush teeth and thinking about washing away stress or negativity
  • 30 minutes of exercise to feel healthy and energetic
  • Positive remarks to the kids, check on their morning routine and chores
  • Drive kids to school
  • Weigh self, shower -visualizing a good day, moisturize, get dressed
  • Spray bathroom, put clothes in the washer if I have those chores this week
  • Quiet time 15-30 minutes – prayer, journaling, inspirational reading
  • Nourishing warm breakfast and vitamins
  • Beautify – hair and makeup
  • Quick pick up of the house
  • Plan dinner
  • Enter receipts into Quicken and check budget

It may seem like a lot, but to create the life I want, these are the things that will accomplish it. I simplify as much as possible. I set up the exercise tape the night before and all my exercise equipment is together in a hidden corner of the living room. I have my clothes picked out the night before. Before I get into the shower, I take everything out that I wil need afterwards and put it on the sink. Then after my shower I put each item away after I use it.

Everyone separates their own clothes into laundry baskets on the shelf next to the washer. So it takes almost no time to throw a load in the washer.

The kids have one morning chore to do before school, so I have less to do before work. I have all my quiet time materials together in a portable box that I can take where ever I want. For my makeup, I have all the makeup together by color. I have one eyeshadow, one blush and one lipstick for each color set: purple/green, brown, pink, and sienna. Then my daily makeup like concealer and mascara are together. I have the order I put on my makeup pasted on the inside of my bathroom cabinet so I never have to think about it. I rarely blowdry my hair, so I don’t have to make time for that. The house is mainly picked up the night before. There is little to pick up in the morning. And meals are planned by the week, so I just have to take something out of the freezer or start a meal in the crock pot. What is your morning routine? Is it helping you create the life you want?

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