Narrowing down your Christmas to do’s

In Oprah’s magazine this Dec, she had a great question in her Something to Think About column. As you narrow down your Christmas to do list, it help to think about the outcomes of your work. She says to create two columns. In the left column write all the tasks you need to do this month. Then in the right column write down theĂ‚Â expected result. Not the ideal outcome, but what usually happens as a result or what you can imagine might happen. (Kids complaining, people griping, added credit card debt.) Now is there anything you want to cross off your list or use less effort?

For example, if I bake cookies, which I am not very good at, my cookies are next to my sister’s gorgeous cookies. Hers get eaten and most of mine go stale. I haven’t made Christmas cookies in a few years.

We weren’t involved in the Christmas pageant at church. My daughter was too shy to get onto the stage at that time, my son hated the singing, I disliked making costumes, and no one in the family really wanted to see it. After a couple really miserable pageant years I realized this wasĂ‚Â not in the family’s best interest. It was not worth it to usĂ‚Â so we bowed out.

What is on your Christmas list that really isn’t worth it?