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My skin has been pretty normal. Oily T-zone, dry on the cheeks. Sometimes it breaks out and was usually a little red.

Most of my household cleaners are natural, I buy organic when I can, and my shampoo & conditioner are sulfate-free. Time to upgrade the skin care. Most of that was full of chemicals – alpha hydroxy, retinol, tightening astringents.

The skin invites everything you put on it, into your body.

When I was reading about natural face care, much of the information was on using oils. I was always told oil was the enemy and that it causes breakouts. I was a little leery on trying the oil routine, but decided to experiment anyway. According to what I read jojoba oil is the most like your natural skin so that is a good oil to try.

I have been so happy. My face isn’t breaking out anymore than it did before. But, it is much softer. The cysts around my eyes vanished. And I have lost the redness the chemicals were causing.

I searched online for various natural cleansing ideas and this is the routine I cobbled together:

  1. Put some jojoba/sesame oil mix on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup
  2. Wet a washcloth and put the same oil on the cloth. Wash with the oil to remove impurities.
  3. Use a toner on a cotton ball. The toner is in a blue glass bottle. It consists of distilled water plus 5 drops of lavender essential oil.
  4. Massage the oil on my face, not too much oil, as moisturizer
  5. Weekly natural mud mask or some other mask I find online that is all natural

After my shower I put sesame oil on my body instead of moisturizer with chemicals.

Do you have any experience with natural skin care? What could you share with us?


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