My family and I like to go out hiking and walking fairly often. Every time we go, we find something fascinating. We always look around so we don’t miss anything.

Last night we found a nesting swan. The nest was enormous tucked in the grass.

swan on nest

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  • Peggy

    What a wonderful surprise to see. These are the days of our lives. You are making memories with your children. It is these simple things that bring the greatest joy.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.



    What a wonderful creature to stumble upon on your hike. That is not something you see everyday and how great for your kids to see wildlife that is not behind bars (zoo).

    We once ran right into a black bear on a trail in Tn. They are magnificent creatures and you think you know what one looks like but until you are 5 feet from him (and no fence) and are able look them in the eye. Luckily this guy was in a pretty good mood that

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