Nature’s Healing Grace


(First appearing in Meditate Like A Girl)

We’ve always done lots of hiking as a family here in beautiful West Michigan. Every time out we see something fascinating.  I love that nature gives us moments to pause. Moments to celebrate.

On a cold, February hike, my son, daughter, husband and I saw a majestic Great Blue Heron. The first time I ever saw one. We all stood transfixed while it ignored us to fish.
We didn’t know it would be our last walk as a family. Later, that same month, our 18 year old son was killed.

Shattered, I often took long walks to piece myself back together. The most healing place for me was the wetlands by our house. Amazingly, a Great Blue Heron started visiting the wetlands. We had never seen it there before. 

Most days I walked at the wetlands I would find the heron fishing. I would watch it and sometimes it would watch back. I felt loved. I felt connected. I knew despite all that happened, God cared for me. He sent a reminder of that love in the form of a Great Blue Heron.



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