Nearing the End

My Grandparents were never rich materially. My Grandma was a nurse then stayed home to raise her 10 children. My Grandfather was an auto body man who loved his work.

What they lacked in finance, they make up for in love, generousity and faith. They have always opened their home to missionaries, relatives, a wayward nephew, etc.  even though their resources were not overflowing. Their hearts do overflow.

You don’t need stuff and riches to live a wonderful life. My grandparents have touched so many people. From my Grandpa’s navy days where they called him the Chaplain for his great faith. To my Grandma’s nursing days during WW11.

To raising kids to work hard and be kind. To volunteering.  My Grandpa was never ordained, but gave guest sermons and even published articles. My Grandma visited "the old people" when she was in her late 70’s. She was always making food for someone or writing a letter or card.

Today I am going to visit my Grandma who is not expected to live much past this weekend.  This woman of quiet strength, great patience, and loving kindness will be surrounded by people who care.

What legacy do you want to leave?