New grandbaby and priorities


My daughter had a baby 6 weeks early. She was in the ICU for a week and I stayed with her. Then baby was in the NICU for a month where we were driving an hour every other day. When he came home Brea was back into care and then outpatient, so I was working while doing baby care.

I gained clarity on my priorities. Makeup was out. Games on my tablet – out. I worked while at the ICU, but only the most pressing issues. I expanded deadlines. My hair is going grey at the moment. Baby and Brea were my priority. Everything else was secondary.

I never knew how long baby would sleep, so I always did the important work first.

This year’s declutter calendar will be much simpler. Brea usually picks out the pictures and I put them in the calendar, but we don’t have time for that step.

This time in my life made me realize we always have only so much time. And I had been doing a lot that I won’t even care about next month.

What is really important to you? Does your time reflect that? If you had an emergency that severely limited your time, what are your must do’s?


  • Laura says:

    Congratulations on your new grandbaby!! I suspect more adjustment of priorities lies ahead, which is wonderful! Enjoy, and thanks for the life lesson too.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks, Laura!!!

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