New Idea

I had someone unsubscribe to my newsletter saying that there were not enough "new" tips. I had to chuckle. Isn’t that the truth? We are all looking for the new idea that will fix unworkable lives. That’s why we are fascinated with pinterest and the new visual ideas. Or magazines with their beautiful layouts. And self help books promising they can change your life.

In my weekly tips and blog posts I like to share new things I have learned.

But new things aren’t what we need. We need to take action. We have knowledge at our finger tips through the internet, phones and books. I know, it’s not as easy to do something than it is to read about someone else doing something

I have an Implement file folder of things I thought would be good to do in my life. I look through it every week or so.

Before you search for that next new idea, how about taking action on one you already know?