No, it’s not all simple


When life is simplified, that doesn’t mean everything is simple. Nor does it mean you never do anything complicated.

Simplicity is a base so you have more time, more space and more energy to do what you were meant to do. It means space for caring for an elderly family member who needs you. It means not doing some projects so you can focus on the one that really lights your fire.  It means having time when life happens and kids get sick or cars break down or the basement floods.

I may have a small closet of clothes, but bookshelves in every room. I may have a cheap cell phone plan and not the latest phone, but I love my Birchbox that comes every month.

Setting limits on what you buy isn’t deprivation. It is making room for what you love. Just as limiting time spent on certain activities isn’t being a spoilsport, but making sure you have the energy for what you need in your life.

Where do you need to set limits?

How is your base of simplicity? What areas can you shore it up?

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