No My House Isn’t Spotless

Some people think my house must run smoothly all the time and my house is clean always.

I am trying to have a simpler life, so I can’t have a perfect home. I just read that the super-organized homes take about 3-4 hours a day in upkeep. And I’ll bet that is not with young toddlers undoing everything instantly.

So unless you are willing to spend that much time on your home every day, it’s time to start lowering expectations a bit. When you leave in a house, disorder happens. Then you clean it up. Then disorder happens. Unless you are standing still, disarray will occur.

Right now my desk is full of papers. I went to a play last night instead of cleaning my desk or sorting my mail. And my piano bench has a few different project piles. And the laundry is still folded on the couch and not put away.

But, I had a terrific time watching Shakespeare’s 12th Night with my teens. We laughed throughout. Then afterwards we got some cheesecake.

So today I will be spending some time straightening my desk, putting laundry away and cleaning off my piano bench. And I’m not going to beat myself up about not getting all my routines done yesterday.

Our homes are just part of our lives. If you spend all your free time on cleaning and organizing because what would "they" think if they saw your house, you will miss out on a lot. And I know most of "their" houses are often messy too.