No Special “Get out of trouble” Pass

One of the reason people’s lives seem so un-simple, is because life in un-simple. But, most people expect things to run smoothly. And for the most part it does. More things go right than wrong in a day usually.

But, when we get stuck in traffic, someone we care for gets the flu or the computer dies we act astonished and indignant. How could this happen to me? We are totally unprepared.

It can be helpful to keep the perspective that bad stuff happens to everyone. And you do not have a special "Get out of trouble" pass.

Today when you meet up with annoyances and situations:

  1. Stop and breathe at least 5 breaths.
  2. Remind yourself this is just life being life.
  3. Let go of the, "Why me?" energy sinking thoughts.
  4. Decide what is the best way to fix it.
  5. Think of preventative ways to keep the chances of recurring to a minimum.

Let’s say you backed the car over a toy in the driveway. You would:

Stay in the car and stop and breathe. Remind yourself about life and let go of energy sinking thoughts.

Then you would get out of the car and assess the situation. If the toy is a wreck, throw it out. If the car is damaged, call the repair shop. Do what needs to be done without the why me stories.

Decide to implement an ‘everyone picks up their stuff in the driveway before coming in the house’ rule. And when you hear the kids come in, check outside until the habit is established.

Will it ever happen again? Maybe, but at least you are making the chances lower.

Life is not out to get you – it gets everybody.

Bad hair

Boy I had a real bad hair day!