No Spring Cleaning Here

spring cleaning

I haven’t done spring cleaning in years. I tried – but doing all that work in a couple of weeks or even a month makes me tired. Not to mention with spring allergies, March & April are not my most energetic months.

I would look at those clever lists (now you can find them all over Pinterest) and feel guilty that I was not doing a bunch of cleaning this month.

I choose to break down my cleaning. I have broken up the various tasks most people do for spring cleaning and I do a few each month – usually doing them about twice a year. So curtains would be in May, defrosting the freezer in November, cleaning light fixtures in Feb and Aug.

This month’s cleaning & maintenance tasks pop up on my Google Calendar. Then I usually take a Saturday morning to work on them.

You can create your own spring cleaning throughout the year list. Here is Martha Stewart’s spring cleaning list (Yea, that is not happening this month). Now divide the tasks by 12. If there are some that you want to do more often you can schedule them that way.

Now add them to a digital calendar like Google Calendar, or an app like Regularly, or in your paper calendar. Or if you have a household notebook or home care file on your computer you can put a checklist there.

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