No time for self care

I really had lots of work to do and I was going to be gone to a class at night. Besides I was kind of stuffy with allergies. Why in the world was I trying to talk myself out of my massage?

I came to my senses right before I picked up the phone. I work with clients to get them to fit in self care and I was going to blow it off.

I actually really needed that massage. My massage therapist couldn’t believe how tight my shoulders were. I had a 3 day migraine due to a barometer change in the weather and it tightened my neck and shoulders so much she could barely massage. She tried hot stones therapy (at know extra charge 🙂 to loosen me up. When I left I couldn’t believe how much better I felt.

I didn’t get much more work done yesterday, but today I was a whirlwind of energy. I gotĂ‚Â tons ofĂ‚Â work done. I even did an hour of exercise this morning after only doing light exercise allĂ‚Â week.

And all it took was talking myself out of cancelling a 1/2 hour massage.