We all have non-negotiables – things that are usually done no matter what. Like brushing our teeth or getting the kids fed or going to work.

These are things we don’t even think about – they are just done. No deciding whether we will do them or not. No arguing with ourselves. Doing them is so ingrained in us it’s harder not to do them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have self care as a non-negotiable. Just one or two things a day to care for yourself that really make a difference to you.

I’ve had a habit of exercising and having a quiet time daily for quite a few years now. But, sometimes life just gets so busy that it slips. That happened to me two weeks ago. I only got in exercise and quiet time about 1/2 the time if that. I was feeling lousy and just wanted to sleep in after a few days. Not to mention acting pretty cranky.

I’ve decided that exercising and having quiet time need to be non-negotiable. Even if it’s only 10 min of yoga and 5 minutes of journaling I need some form of exercise and quiet every day. And first thing in the morning so nothing can stop me. (I remember when the kids were little I would do my quiet time during nap time or in the evening right after they went to bed).

What do you need every day that you can make non-negotiable?