A Revolutionary Approach to Calendar Management


When I shared this tip with a client, he told me it was revolutionary. Intrigued by its impact, I couldn’t resist passing it along to you.

Here’s the deal: I ditched notifications on my Google calendar. They were more disruptive than helpful. Picture this: a notification blares 15 minutes before a call, but in the thick of a project, I’d forget about it by the time the call rolled around. Or worse, it’d alert me just 15 minutes ahead of a meeting that required a 30-minute commute.

So, I took matters into my own hands and embraced manual alarms. Using my trusty tablet and an alarm app, each morning (or sometimes the night before), I look at my calendar and strategically set alarms. Five minutes prior for most calls. Factoring in travel time and the hustle to hit the road for appointments.

Take, for instance, our weekly pool escapades with my rambunctious grandson. That ordeal demands a solid 30-minute heads-up—time to wrangle a spirited three-year-old into swim gear, pack essentials, and embark on a short drive. Anyone who’s tried to get a toddler ready for the pool knows you need to add extra time to that notification.

Sure, Google Calendar lets you set notifications when scheduling appointments or on the day itself. But truth be told, I often forget. This hands-on approach works wonders for me. I am able to think about the day and when notifications would be most useful, instead of rushing to get started.

It’s just one facet of my daily planning routine, which you can explore further here.

Starting my day by reviewing these commitments sets the tone and instills a sense of readiness. I’m not naturally inclined to remember every appointment, so these reminders are a lifesaver. And what a relief to receive nudges precisely when they’re needed most. Plus, I find that by taking the time to think about the day and when notifications would be most useful, instead of rushing to get started, I can approach my schedule with greater clarity and intention.

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