I move quickly through my daily life, quick dinners, quick cleaning, quick shopping. I rush through everything in order to get to the “important” things. Trying to cram goals, self-improvement, money issues, and relationships into a life that already feels full. And I have imposed time frames that are undoable.

What would it be like for just a few days to flow through the dailiness? Waking up without an alarm to take a walk, enjoying the view. Walking to the market for the freshest fruits and vegetables. Spending time in the kitchen slicing, stirring, smelling, nourishing soul and body. Caring for my possessions lovingly. Polishing my piano with lovely scented orange oil. Hand washing my car.

What would it be like to get through today’s things- sort all the way through today’s mail, get to the bottom of my e-mail in-box, return all of today’s calls?

What would it be like to sit on the porch in the evening, inviting a neighbor to have a seat and just talk?

What if I put away my to do list, future goals and thoughts of should and could? Just for a little bit. Feeling content in the now, not pressured into a better life. Making the best choices moment by moment. And enjoying every bit of it.

Starting now…

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