Occupy Whatever You Want


I have am email from a reader wondering why I didn’t message my whole list with an Occupy Wall Street message. My main reason is that getting the word out is your job. I help you create a simpler life so you can Occupy Wall Street or go to Tea Party Rallies. Or so you can volunteer at Hospice or tutor young children. I help you get more time to mentor a teenager or raise money to eradicate hunger. Or to do yoga and journal so you spread light to whomever you come in contact with.

I don’t tell you what your passion in helping others is. That comes from inside of you.

But, if you are living a frazzled, always in a hurry life you may not get to find or express that purpose.

What do you want to simplify for?


If you are stuck in finding your passion or purpose, I have open coaching spots.


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