Organize Digital Photos


This is an excerpt from my book, Create the Declutter Habit.

  • Delete the ones you don’t like or are duplicates
  • Move your photos from your camera or phone weekly or monthly depending on how fast you fill it up
  • Have computer folders for each year. Create folders with the year first, then the date and what it was. ie 2018-07-greatblueheron Then the pictures will stay in chronological order
  • If you don’t take that many pictures you can organize by season ie 2017-Fall
  • Back up your pictures regularly – Amazon Prime has photo storage as does Google Drive. You can back up to Dropbox or Mediafire. Or to a flashdrive or other hard drive.

Photo Management Software – not necessary, but nice

  1. For the Mac: iPhoto
  2. Google Photos
  3. Portfolio

If you want to create quick albums from digital photos:

Other Photos

  • Only do 15-20 min at a time if you feel overwhelmed
  • Spread them out so you can see them
  • Decide whether you want to put them in an album, scrapbook, frame or photo box or a combination
  • Do a quick sort for bad photos you can toss
  • Sort into categories
  • Decide whether you want to arrange them chronologically, by event or by subject
  • Duplicates can go out to family and friends
  • Put them in the box or album labeled
  • Keep them in a cool, dry area

Now: Maintain

            1) Weekly or monthly move your photos from your camera or phone to your computer.

            2) Monthly or quarterly go through your photos, picking the best ones and sorting by date so you can find them again.

            3) Quarterly or automatically back up your digital pictures.

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