Organizing and Decorating Your Bathroom

I had a reader ask about decorating and organizing the bathroom. Though she didn’t mention decluttering it, that would be the first place to start.


The bathroom is usually a very small room in comparison to others in the house. So we can’t store as much as we’d like. To make your morning routine easier, start by decluttering. Declutter:

  • Extra bottles with only a little at the bottom because you opened something new
  • Makeup that is old or you don’t use
  • Bring expired medications to your pharmacy where they will safely discard it
  • Hair accessories that are out of style or don’t work with your current hair cut
  • Ratty towels
  • Face lotions and supplies you don’t use
  • Things that gave you rashes on your sensitive skin
  • Half used travel items that you never bring because what if you run out when you are on your trip?
  • A plethora of hair brushes when you only use two, especially ones where the plastic round tips have broken off
  • Knick knacks – the bathroom has enough going on without a bunch of cute stuff
  • Look around, is there anything else cluttering up your space and impeding your morning routine?

(Need help decluttering, join the Declutter Group for fun accountability.)


You want to organize based on how often you use things. Top drawers, counters or medicine cabinets should have things you use daily most accessible – your daily makeup, face routine supplies, hair brush, toothbrush, floss and paste. Hair accessories, nail care and less used makeup can go to the second drawer, in a cabinet, or under the sink. Then extra supplies, your foot wash, facial steamer, and anything you use less than once a month can go in a closet, top shelf of a cabinet or anyplace not as accessible.

You’ll want your daily shower spray and bathroom cleansers nearby so daily cleaning is easier. Along with a basket of rags. I like under the sink unless you have small children. Then you can store them someplace higher.

Keep an up to date first aid kit in a drawer or cabinet.

You can cut a plastic shoe organizer for the inside of your under the sink cabinet.From Pinterest

Use drawer organizers or plastic makeup organizers for your makeup. Real Simple shows a good way to use drawer organizers.

You can have more than one towel rack on the back of your bathroom door. Or you can use hooks to hang your towels.

Corral your hair curlers, straighteners and dryers into something specifically designed for them like this.

Use turntables, organizers or pull out drawers for under the sink to use up all the storage room there.

Spice racks can hold grooming bottles on the wall if you get the bigger spice racks.

Hang baskets on the inside of the shower curtain rod in the shower for shampoo etc. to keep away from young kids.

From Pinterest

If you have cabinets in your bathroom, you can store items in clear boxes by category.


In the bathroom, the decorating is going to be more practical. Since there is less room, you are going to want to beautify the things you need in the bathroom, rather than using a bunch of decorative items.

Use beautiful containers to hold your basic daily necessities like cotton balls and swabs, & hair doodads. You can even use containers from other parts of the house.

Plants love the humidity of the bathroom, so put in a plant that needs low light.

Use a lovely pump for your liquid soap.

Have out a few candles for nights in the tub.

Colors of nature like blue, green and white are especially calming.

Have your towels be soft and colors you love. But, you don’t need tons of them. Buy less and better quality.

Use fabric shower curtains or VOC-free plastic ones. Make sure they make you calm or make you smile. You want to emit a feeling with your decor, not just have things look good.

A gorgeous new faucet, like a Kohler bathroom faucet can completely change the look of your sink.

A shower radio or something that brings in music is lovely to get ready in the morning by or to use during bath time.

The windowsill is someplace you can put in decorative items because you rarely open the window. But, keep it simple like a line of shells or beautifully colored glass bottles.


Since the main bathroom is used so often, it needs a daily wipe down of the mirror, sink & toilet. The guest one less often depending on it’s use.

You can keep the shower clean by using a daily shower spray.

Bring in more natural cleansers, shampoos, and makeup, phasing out ones with more chemicals.

When you do your grooming routine in the morning, get out everything and put them on the right sink counter. Then as you apply things, move them to the left counter. Once you are done put it all away at once. This prevents a lot of the back and forth you may do in the morning. Plus you will be more likely to pick everything up.

Pour a cup of vinegar down the drain once a week.

Print this weekly bathroom cleaning checklist off for inside your bathroom cabinet:

 What are your favorite bathroom ideas?