Organizing Cosmetics

I had a cosmetic organizer. It was OK. But, it was wide and a lot of my lipsticks had to be jumbled together. So when I ran across this one on sale I got it. It saves me room since it’s two parts on top of each other. Plus it fits everything unlike my other one.

I tend to “make do” because I am not a big buyer or shopper. I was taught to not replace until something is broken. That has worked for me in many ways. We hold onto cars for years, my husband fixes what he can in the house and I am not always looking for the next latest, greatest of what I have.

But, sometimes they turn into tolerations – those annoying things that leak your energy.

This is one of those. I use my makeup almost daily and it was draining having to shovel through things to get what I wanted or to set things back up right every time I took one thing out.

Now my lipsticks are together in their own slots. Makeup brushes, eyeliner and lip balm in the back. Foundation, powder and concealer in the middle left.

Drawers hold lesser-used lipsticks ( I got rid of the three never wearing again lipsticks). Second drawer is my blush. Third drawer eye shadow.

I also have a physical limit – so no more make-up buying until something is used up. (Though I do have room for one more blush.)

When you are organizing – declutter first, then see what container would work for what you have left. Never get the container before decluttering and seeing what you have all in one space or it may not fit.

I am happy with my new cosmetics organizing. It’s been so much easier to get ready in the morning.

How about you? What are you tolerating?