Organizing Socks


My sock drawer was a jumbled mess. I even had some socks in there that didn’t match.

First I took all the socks out of the drawer. Then I matched the socks from my unmatched sock drawer that stays in my closet.

I also got rid of some socks in the drawer that were too small for anyone in the family.

If you have a huge bag or box of unmatched socks that have remained unmatched for years, it might be time to declutter.

I have dividers in my drawer .  I roll the socks, but I don’t flip the top over it for a ball because it stretches out the top. 


When I put the socks back I categorized by color this time: beige, green, black, brown and colors. It’s easier to pick out socks when you don’t have to scrounge through the drawer.

One little area of order, lightens the morning or evening routine.

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