Overcoming Advertising


Glenn asks, "How do you overcome the barrage of advertising that you need this gadget, etc. for your life to be complete?"

Advertising is tricky isn’t it? You may think you are immune. I like to think that advertising has no impact on my life. Then why do I get lured in for new books, new clothes, or a new easy-to-make food?

One thing to note, advertising in itself isn’t bad. There may be a product that would simplify/help/improve your life. But, it is up to us to be in control.

cat and corvette

You can start by asking questions

"Does this support my current goals?"

"Can I afford it?"

"Do I have something similar that will work?"

"Is this just an upgrade on something I already have?"

You can also decide that anything you want to buy that isn’t a necessity, gets put on a list. Then you wait a day, a week or a month (depending on what you decide) before you buy. Many times you will have decided you don’t need it.

Here are some other ways to overcome advertising:

  • Hang with friends and online communities that see frugal or simpler as a priority. It is more fun to save with other people.
  • Make sure your life is fulfilling so you don’t look to your lifestyle and possessions to fulfill you. Check to see if you are doing anything meaningful. See if you have been having any fun lately. Renew connections with others.
  • Watch less TV.
  • Don’t shop for the fun of it.
  • Talk  to the commercials "yea, you actually think that I am going to fall for it. You tell me I need it, but I decide what I need.

How do you stop the influence of advertising on your life?

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