Overplanning, Under Living

I used to be a big over-planner. I would have schedules down to the minute so I could "get everything done." And the result was that I was always anxious. Things that messed with the schedule frustrated me big time – traffic, dawdling kids, running into someone I knew in the grocery store. I knew I had to create a different, more flowing relationship with time.

I wanted to be a person that really listened to people. I wanted to know how someone was when I saw them on an errand. I wanted to be present for my kids. I certainly didn’t want to be yelling at a slow driver that can’t hear me anyway.

Deep conversations don’t come when people aren’t present and are waiting to do the next thing on their list.

If you only go from list task to list task with out pausing, how do you know you are even doing the important things?

And when breaks aren’t taken, energy is gone before the to do list is.

If you have a calendar scheduled down to the minute or a to do list based on an ideal day without interruptions, you are going to feel anxious, unfocused, and feel badly about yourself at the end of each day.

Where can you loosen your schedule?

What can you decide not to do that will give you an extra hour or two a week?

What do you get done in an average day? Can you only put that many todos on today’s list?

Many of the satisfying and meaningful moments happen off the to do list and calendar. Be open to them today.