Overspent, Overeaten, Overslept


Being away from home for four days created a bit of a backlog for me. I upped my pace and tried to get more done to "catch up." Forgetting catching up is an illusion. I worked at my computer longer and spent less time with my husband. The computer time wasn’t even completely productive. I kept losing focus.

Then in the evening while running my daughter somewhere, I stopped at the store for a DVD, a necklace and candy. My daughter and I watched the DVD while eating too much Lindt chocolate. We stayed up too late so I am sluggish this morning.

I hear from clients all the time that they have no time for fun or to play. But, I have found if I don’t put play on my list I use what Jen Louden calls, "Shadow Comforts" – overeating, playing computer games, shopping, watching TV. Things we use to numb the anxiety, but don’t necessarily renew. Even good things like exercise or doing crafts can become shadow comforts if we use them to zone out.

So when my to do list is too full and I start feeling overwhelmed that’s the time I need to put breaks in. And put in the calendar something fun for the evening like going to the library, talking with a friend, or walking at the beach.


Otherwise I wake up in the morning having overspent, overeaten and/or overslept the day before.

And not saving any time at all.



  • Stacey says:

    Oh boy – you could be talking right to me on this post 🙂

  • Maggie says:

    I have been ill the last 3 weeks (8 days in the hospital) for just this very thing. Staying up too late at night because I didn’t get what I wanted done in the day. Then, the next day becomes worse since I am tired from the day before. A vicious circle. My doctor has told me I need to rearrange my meds so I can get to bed no later than midnight. I need more rest. A work in progress. Thanks for the reminder.

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