Party’s Over

I am pooped. We spent the day picking up last minute things, putting gummy frogs into ice cubes, making chocolate toads and flies on a log, printing out loads of things for decoration, tic, frog, turtle, pin the tail on the alligator, cutting out lily pads for the relay and getting things together for the frog rock.

The kids arrived at 7:00 and it had cooled down enough to let them paint the frog rocks outside. We actually planned more things to do than we needed. I was surprised by how much fun they had playing things like tadpole, tadpole, frog (duck, duck, goose) and the tic tac toe game with frogs and turtles. So we just let them play till they were tired of something.

The quickest things to get eaten were those chocolate toads (gummy toads with melted chocolate chips and butter painted on).

The kids had lots of fun and lots of energy. When their parents came to pick them up at 9:00 they asked to stay longer, so I told my daughter she could consider her party a success. She actually paid for it with birthday money and money she had saved from her allowance and she planned all the activities and food. See both my kids’ birthdays are in July so we have parties every other year. This is her brother’s year who is having a laser tag party in a couple weeks. I told her this wasn’t her year, she had paint-a-pot last year. But, she was determined to throw a party. I told her I would help her with it and take her shopping if she paid for it and planned it. And to my wonderment, she did! 

How about you? Do you have anything in your life that you really want to do, but looks impossible? Can you break down a door, go around or think of a creative solution?