Password Remembering


I’ve had quite a lot of emails saying they can’t remember the password to the calendar. Or to the chat room.

Each site has different rules – must contain a number, must contain a special character, must not contain a special character, must be at least 6 characters, must be a four number pin. Plus it’s not safe to have the same password for every site anyway.

I have tons of passwords to remember. I wouldn’t be able to if I really had to remember them.

I use Last Pass to keep track of my passwords. I have one master password and Last Pass remembers the rest. It even comes up with tricky passwords for places if it want it to. I like it because I can use it on my computer, my laptop and my phone allowing me to work wherever.

I also like to use it for filling out forms. You add your profile and it will fill out the forms at shopping sites, etc. No need to type it in each time. I love the time it saves.

Dashlane is a similar program if you want to try that one.

If you have passwords you need to share with a team, Mitro is a good option.

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