This could be a delightful season for you. If you take moments to enjoy.

This is a season of lights, music, good food, and beautiful decorations.

Many are too busy setting these up to enjoy them. Instead of looking at the decorations after they put them up, it’s time to rush to the next activity.

Noticing and pausing doesn’t take much time. Just a moment. After completing something, how would it feel to savor it?

I love to turn out the lights, put on music and stare at the tree after we put it up. Or admire a delicately wrapped present.

Pausing to notice fills up your soul and you feel happier.

During your holiday preparations, see if you can take a moment to notice.


Photo Credit: Randy Son

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  • Jennie Dedmon says:

    Thank you for this. I needed to read this especially after the last two weeks.

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