Pay someone to do it for you

After sending my tips and one being “Don’t buy anything you need to dry clean”, I received this note from a person that owns a dry cleaning business.

AS A DRYCLEANING BUSINESS OWNER FYI, it is much simpler to drop things off at the cleaners and have them do the work for you. It’s a tradeoff between $ and time. If you make more than $10 and hour the time savings is justifiable. Simplicity is about making your life easier and paying someone to do a labor intensive chore is definitely one way to do that.”

I happen to agree with him. If you can find someone to do something for you and you can afford it, I say go for it. You can also do things like hire a high schooler to run errands or trade off jobs with someone.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Don’t just keep doing things the same old way, if you can find a way to make things work better.

List the top 3 things you don’t like to do. Now list 10 ways that you can get someone else to do them. And it’s OK to put silly answers down. Just get the brainstorming flowing.

Now you can experiment with a few of those ideas.